Web Application Penetration Test

Web Application Penetration test can be employed to test your custom web applications as well as standard applications like antivirus, embedded applications, games, and other system applications. During Web Application Penetration test engagements, our consultants pursue the following goals:
• Explore weakness as a hacker & reveal security flaws resulting from implementation errors
• Assess application security versus attacks via multiple techniques
• Identify security design flaws and demonstrate the potential consequences
• Expose weaknesses stemming from application relationship to the the IT infrastructure
• Increase end-user confidence in the application’s overall security

E Secure 360 Unique features

Business Logic Testing
Web Application Penetration testing subscribers receive special testing to find business logic vulnerabilities. This service entails:
• Creating a customized testing scheme developed and performed by security experts
• Mapping out your Web application, users, roles, and custom business workflow
• Identifying and validating account privileges across roles and between users
• Prioritizing vulnerabilities based on your business goals and intentions
Accelerate Remediation
Web Application Penetration testing delivers a proven, scalable, and affordable enterprise application security platform, accelerating the identification and remediation of Web application security vulnerabilities:
• Assess source code during development to uncover difficult-to-detect vulnerabilities in production, enabling remediation earlier in the development cycle.
• Full vulnerability verification by the TRC, which verifies the accuracy of all vulnerabilities, virtually eliminating false positives and dram atically simplifying remediation.
Production Safe
As a part of every subscription, members can alyze your Web application inputs, state-changing requests, and any sensitive functionality to customize testing for safety first, then for depth and coverage. Custom tuning of scans permits full coverage without performance impact, including:
• Eliminating any performance degradations—scanning payload is equivalent to a single user
• Assuring data integrity—using benign injections in place of live code

What’s Included?

– Application Vulnerability Scan
– Validation Of Scan Results
– Manual Verification of Scan Completeness
– Manual Exploitation of findings
– Verified, prioritized results eliminate false positives
– Business logic testing
– Proof of concepts for vulnerabilities
– Video Evidence Demonstrations
– Multi-level authentication testing
– Findings Report
– Prioritization guidance report
– Platinum Support with a dedicated expert

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