Application Source Code Security Review

Application Source Code review combines Static Analysis Security Testing (SAST) techniques with manual review and testing techniques of the target application, providing a deliverable with both tactical and strategic recommendations to improve the security posture of such target application. This level of testing validates the application layer security controls; the security effectiveness of software development and deployment standards by determining how resilient the web application is to determined attackers. This service includes:
• Pinpoint deficiencies in security controls
• Identify development errors that violate best-practices
• Identify development errors that lead to vulnerabilities
• Evaluate the third-party tools, applications, and libraries

E Secure 360 Source code review features

– Verified, prioritized vulnerability results eliminate false positives
– Preserves Intellectual Property
– Detailed vulnerabilities reporting
– Early risk remediation
– Highly scalable across the enterprise
– Broad repository support
– Multi-level authentication testing
– Meet PCI DSS, HIPAA, GDPR and ISO 27001 Compliance

What’s included?

– JavaScript Hijacking
– Trust boundary violation
– Socket based communication in web application server
– Direct management of connections
– Missing check against NULL
– Unchecked return value
– Unreleased resources
– Unsafe Mobile Code from an Access Violations perspective
– Unsafe array declaration
– Empty password in configuration file
– Unhandled SSL exception
– Command injection
– Cross site scripting
– Input Validation
– LDAP Injection
– Missing XML Validation

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